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     We publish a town newsletter four times per year. This newsletter is not mailed to residents:; however it is distributed to key locations around town and it is posted on our town website. You may sign up for these newsletters on the home page of our town website where it asks you to " click here to receive town news, information and updates via email".

     We would like to post  more information more often about town projects.  We will provide a brief description of town projects that are underway. It is our goal to keep you well informed and up to date about our Town of East Bloomfield.      


News October 29, 2019 Edition

East Bloomfield Budget.

The town board held a public hearing on the 2020 East Bloomfield Town Budget Monday, October 28, 2019.  Subsequent to the Public Hearing, the budget was adopted.  Our budget remains under the New York State Tax Cap Formula for spending.

Court Security.

We have increased security at our court facility.  A TSA walk through device was installed this past year. All visitors to the court will be screened when they enter.   Another security feature is the assignment of an Ontario County Police Officer to each scheduled court date.  This system includes both East and West Bloomfield Courts held in the East Bloomfield Court Facility.

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Wanted: Eagle Scout Projects

East Bloomfield has had recent success with scout projects. There are picnic tables and benches situated in Veterans Park as a result of the handiwork of skilled youth, namely Justin Lester and Matt Moreau.  Please contact the Supervisor’s Office via email or phone 585-657-7700.

Property Maintenance.

It is important for two reasons:

  1. It provides the owner and the community with positive curb appeal and favorable impressions as East Bloomfield certainly takes pride in the beauty of our town.
  2. It certainly enhances property value for the owner and by association the entire town.

Share the Road.

We do not have extensive trails and pathways for our residents. Therefore, people typically use the shoulders of our roadways to bike, run or walk.   Please be mindful and observant of your fellow residents and those people coming through our town when you are behind the wheel of your motor vehicle.

American Legion Building Open for Business.

Did you know that the Legion Building renovations are now complete and you can reserve the entire building or simply rent half of the space? We have a Meeting Room and a Community Room with a professional portable divider so that two groups can reserve the building at the same time.  Call our Town Clerk, Peggy Gochenaur, for details (585) 657-6515.                                                                                

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