Water Line Lead Inspection
The Department of Health and the Environmental Protection Agency have instructed us to inspect every water service line entering residences and businesses for the presence of lead. These inspections must be completed by the end od September Details

Highway FAQs

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


There is a dead deer on the side of the road, what should I do?

If the deer is located on a town road, call us at (585) 657-7727 to report the nearest house address. If the location is a county road or you will need to contact Ontario County at (585) 396-4000. If the location is a state maintained road, call NYSDOT at (315) 332-4000.


Is there a “No Parking” rule for the winter months?

Yes, there is NO parking on all roadways in the town of Canandaigua from November 1 to April 1 unless otherwise posted.


Am I allowed to shovel/plow snow into the road?

No. The Highway Department works hard and spends a good share of the budget on snow removal to keep the roadway clear and safe. Shoveling/plowing snow into the roadway presents a hazard and is, in fact, illegal (Highway Law 214). Appropriate action will be taken by the town to all known offenders.


A snow plow hit my mailbox, who is responsible for fixing it?

It is the Town Highway Departments’ policy to repair or replace maintained legal mailboxes and wooden post (17 feet from the center line of the road to the front of the post and no less than 42 " high) on town roadways that are damaged during snow plowing operations. Since there is no statutory or legal authority which grants a property owner or resident the right to place a mailbox in the right-of-way, replacement of mailboxes is done as a courtesy and only the standard replacement can be provided. If the existing mailbox cannot be repaired, it will be replaced with a standard rural mailbox and 4” x 4” wood post. To report a mailbox that has been damaged, please call (585) 657-7277


Does the Highway Department collect brush or leaves from the roadside?

No, the Town of East Bloomfield does not offer curbside pickup of brush or leaves. Residents can drop off brush, leaves, grass clippings and Christmas trees at the Village DPW during regular facility hours at no cost. DO NOT RAKE LEAVES INTO GUTTERS OR TO ROADSIDE.


Can I get mulch and stone from the Town?

Yes,  stone is free to Town residents and can be picked up from the Highway garage during regular facility hours by appointment. gravel is allowed at 30 yards per year, non retroactive. Materials may not be picked up using motorized equipment, highway personel will load, no delivery provided.


I want to re-do my landscaping, are there restrictions close to the road?

Yes, you must obtain permission from the Highway Department to work within the town’s right-of-way. This includes work such as driveways, fences, planting trees, placing berms, rocks or flowers, or any construction within the right-of-way. Click here for highway permit information. If you have any additional questions, call us at (585) 394-3300.


Why are there colored flags, stakes, or paint marks on my lawn or sidewalk?

These show the location of utilities in that area. All utility companies are required by law to mark their facilities any time a contractor will be excavating near them. This is commonly called a stakeout. When these markers appear, it means excavation work has been scheduled (or just completed). Standard colors are used to indicate the location of different utilities: blue = water, red = electric, yellow = gas, orange = TV and cable, green = sewer.


I need to excavate on my property, what should I do first?

First you should contact the Town of East Bloomfield at (585) 657-5455 to find out if you need to obtain a permit for the work you plan to perform. Then you or your contractor needs to call Dig Safe NY at 811 or 1-800-962-7962 at least 10 days before you plan to dig. They will notify all utilities to stakeout their services on and around your property.


When is my road going to be paved?

For questions, please call (585) 657-7727


How do I report a street light that does not work properly or is completely out?

You can go online to rge.com and click on Outage Central then Streetlight Outage and complete the Streetlight Outage Form, or you can call RG&E at 1-800-743-2110 and report the problem to a Customer Service Representative.


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